Renegade Psychic.  Professional Hairstylist.


This is not your usual paranormal adventure.  This is about the rise of a new kind of hero.  Or, rather, the reluctant rise of a hero.


Meet Bob Holbreck, a talented guy who has mad hairstyling skills.  He owns and operates a nice little shop in the trendy part of town.  His clientele is building with loyal customers.  Bob truly knows what looks good on a customer before they do.


How does he do it?  How does he know what to do with a head of hair?  Well, Bob has other talents.  There are those who may consider it a gift.  Like his great-grandfather, who is at odds about Bob’s future career choice.   Bob just wants to be a hairstylist and make people feel good about themselves; Gramps wants him to cash in on his psychic abilities.


That’s right; Bob has mad psychic abilities as well.  It’s tough for old Gramps to see his progeny’s talents go to waste.  Bob can do it all: he can see the life force, or "aura," which surrounds every living human being.  He can have visions of the past and future upon contact.  Bob can see spirits and other forms of energy existing with the world of the living.  Not only can he see them, he can interact with them, even dispel them if necessary.


Bob does not consider his psychic powers to be a gift, though.  It’s more like an overwhelming nightmare.  It pains Gramps to think Bob lacks the motivation, the passion, the verve, the adventurous spirit to deal with the supernatural world.  Gramps has high hopes that Bob will become a paranormal superstar.  Heck, he even has a shot to get into the prestigious Psychic Union.


Bob has no choice but to follow in Gramps’s footsteps when a powerful ancient creature called the Hux, a beast that has been the scourge of his bloodline for the last millennia, is accidentally unleashed by a fortune-hungry archaeologist.  Whether Bob likes it or not, it’s time for him to show his skills.  He must fight before the beast kills again.


And keep up with those hair appointments as well…



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